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Thanks Again, Daviđ!

Thanks Again, Daviđ. It was really smart of you to go on a national television show, as Head of the Central Bank of Iceland, in the middle of a crisis, and say that Iceland was not going to pay its debts.  For this you should recieve the highest award in stupidity but the owners of Morgunblađiđ, I guess, thought it would be better to make you their editor. At least this is a job you actually have the education to do.

A few years back, you tried to pass a law to stop big business from controlling the media.   I feel so much better knowing the nation's most prominent newspaper is controlled by a politcal party.  There were always rumours of the paper's political leanings, but your appointment has definitely cleared that up.

As the new editor, you could, (to show you plan to be objective and not political), stop running stories about how bad Kaupthing is everytime there is more bad news about Landsbanki.   This is a little TOO obvious and hopefully you will figure out more subtle ways to take attention away from your buddies.  I would just love to see Landsbanki's loan book and its connections to your party but I doubt  that will ever happen and even if it did, I doubt even more I would read about it in Morgunblađiđ.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks, Daviđ, for all you've done.


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From Freedom of Speech to Fear of Speeches

Imagine prostesting the President of your country making a speech to the children of the nation.  A typical response from the conservative minority who are seething with anger over having their jack boots they wore for eight years ripped of their oppressive feet. 

Granted, Obama is a persuasive speaker, but these parents have elevated his oratory skills to that of a god.  This brainwashing fear comes from the same people who support the Pledge of Allegiance in school and also want to allow prayer in school.  Apparently, brainwashing is allowed only if they are the ones doing it.


I pledge allegiance to the Flag

of the United (Police) States of America,

and to the Republic(ans) for which it stands,

One Nation, under God*, indivisible

With liberty and justice for all (for all who can afford it).


*(see the First Amendment)


The Original Salute Foreldrar andvígir rćđu Obama í skólum
Tilkynna um óviđeigandi tengingu viđ frétt


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