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Fluff and Bluff

I love "news" stories that state that the US threatens Iceland with sanctions over whaling.   That is not the story at all. The real story is that Commerce Secretary Gary Locke certified Iceland under the Pelly Amendment to be CONSIDERED for ecomonic santions. He did so under pressure from enviromental wacko groups. Now, Obama has 60 days to decide if he will ACTUALLY impose some sort of sanctions, which he will definitely NOT do. The threat is not to pressure Iceland but to appease voters in the US. Plain and simple. Mr Locke can now say that he has "taken action" on the matter, and Obama can say that certifiying Iceland under the Pelly Amendment is "a sign" of what the administration is doing to pressure Iceland. It is a win/win for both men and of absolutely no consequence to Iceland whatsoever (unless one counts their feelings being hurt). The US has already invoked the Pelly Amendment previously against Japan and Norway, and the US has never imposed sanctions on either. So Icelanders should consider themselves in good company and chalk the whole story up to politcal fluff and economic bluff.

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