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Defence Tactics of Mobsters

When I read that Jón Ásgeir said the Icelandic investigators had been on a fishing expedition (í veiđiferđ), I was wondering where I had heard that before....

Federal authorities have been investigating Gotti, 44, for years, undeterred by three failed attempts starting in 2005 to convict him for allegedly ordering a 1992 attack that injured Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa. After those mistrials, federal authorities focused on the mob scion's finances in what his attorney called a "fishing expedition."- WNBC News Four NY, 5 Aug. 2008

"It's a case of the government going on a fishing expedition," Pagano said, pointing out that his client [Anthony Staino, the reputed number-two man in the South Philadelphia mob] has no criminal record.- The Philadelphia Inquirer 2 Nov. 2010

How appropriate that Jón shoud describe his investigation in the same terms. What is he trying to imply?

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Almost 6.000.000 kr a Word!

tre-inntak.pngThe news it that the Ţjođfundur (National Assembly)was under budget at around 92.000.000 kr. This is amazing considering  the good thing that came out of this meeting. And here it is. The result of all that hard work: a mind map with an incredible 8, yes EIGHT! categories . That works out to be 11.500.000 kr. a category. There are a total of 16 words on the mind map. I am not including "og" or "Íslands" but am being generous and allowing "land" and "ţjođ". That works out to be almost 5.750.000 kr. a word. I won't bother to calculate how much all this costs per letter. With such "ground-breaking" ideas like "mannréttindi" and "lýđrćđi", I am amazed the meeting didn't cost twice as much.  Just another example of money well spent in Iceland. No wonder there is no money for the hospitals.


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