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American/Canadian Trojan Horse

Why would Americans or Canadians need to have Icelandic citizenship to invest in Iceland? If their motive was to invest for profit then there are other ways to do achieve that goal other than obtaining citizenship. Sturla Sighvatsson, the director of Northern Lights Energy says that these people only want to invest in innovations and not in the fish industry or other natural resources. That may be true, but once these 10 people have Icelandic citizenship there would be nothing to stop them from later buying up whatever they wanted. These people have no connection to Iceland other than that they see it as an opportunity to make money. If these Americans and Canadians have access to so much money, then their allegiance lies with their investors and not with the people of Iceland. It would be a grave mistake to grant citizenship simply to receive investments. Ögmunder is right to state that Icelandic citizenship is not for sale, because if it were, the whole country would then be for sale, and nothing could be done to stop it.  The people of Iceland should beware of Americans or Canadians bearing gifts.

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Blame the Followers Not the "Leader"

Glenn Beck, a Fox "News" commentator, said that the tsnumai that hit Japan could be a sign that God is not happy with what the Japanese are doing. Other people who have made such comments have been fired or have had to apologize for their moments of ignorace and stupidity. But Glenn Beck will not have to quit or apologize, because, although he is an obvious moron, he has a following of millions of dumber people than himself. That is the benefit of having a show in the US. Since TV news is more about ratings that about intelligent reporting, Beck will keep his job because of the stupidity of the many right wing, conservative, "Christian" Americans who watch Foxs "News" and agree with what he says.

There will always be a few crazy, stupid people in the world; that is just the world we live in. But they are generally not much of a problem and usually a source of amusement. The problem is when a large group of ignorant people start believing what the crazy, stupid person says. And what better place than America to have such a following. This is why Glenn Beck still has a job, and just one of the many reasons why I don't live there.

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Too Good to be True

My grandpa always told me: If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I really wish I could increase the fuel economy of my car by using water. But this hydrogen fuel "idea" has been around in the US for many, many years and I see it has finally made it here to Iceland. Unfortunately, this sytem doesn't work. That is the plain truth. I am sorry, I wish it did. You don't need to take my word for it, just read this information from Popular Mechanics. 

When I first heard of this "technology" years ago, I was really interested also. I heard all testimonials about increased fuel economy. But every time a car is actually scientifically tested, there is never an increase in fuel economy. Never. You can watch a test like this here from Dateline. Oddly, I can't explain the test at the inspection station Frumherji and I would like to see that test independently verified. I will say though, that the blue dye in the bubbling water is a really cool improvement over other designs I have seen. Kudos for that!

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