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Learning Nothing from History

The Americans have buried Osama bin Laden at sea. By doing so they have attempted to keep his body and therefore his grave out of the hands of people that would try to make him a martyr. But by not showing the world the evidence of his death, the Americans have made the same mistake that the Russians did in 1945. The Russians captured the remains of Hitler but kept that knowledge a secret for the same reasons the Americans disposed of Osama's body at sea.  But because no one (except a few in Russia) knew Hitler was actually dead, many conspiracies arose about whether Hitler had survived and was living in other countries, for example, Brazil or Argentina. So now the Americans have repeated history. People will continue to wonder if Osama is actually dead. They may even think that his death was faked and he was captured alive by the Americans and taken to some undisclosed location for a lifetime of interrogation. Who knows? By disposing of the body, the legacy of Osama is kept alive by those that believe in him and by those that don't believe the Americans.


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What is there to Celebrate?

 Today, Americans are celebrating the killing of Osama bin Laden. Congratulations, it only took ten years. But besides one man's death, what is there to celebrate?


The World Trade Centers are still gone.

The 2977 people who died due to the September 11th attacks are still dead. (Of which none were actually killed by Osama bin Laden. Should we hold Bush responsible for all the innocent people killed in Irag and Afganistan?)

The terror alert for most countries ironically went up and not down due Osama'a death and fear of retaliation. (good job)

America still has troops in Iraq and Afganistan with no end in sight.

America's image around the world is still damaged. (Perhaps more killing will help improve the image.)

The tension between the West and the Muslim world stills exist.

Americans will still be subjected to humiliating airport searches because of the fear of more terrorism.(I am waiting for the first person to say, "Come on, I don't need a full body scan, Osama is dead.")

People will still be detained indefinitely without a lawyer or a trial.

Homes will still be searched without a warrant.


In short, Americans are less free, still under threat, and living in a state of fear. That is "Mission Accomplished" for Osama bin Laden. It doesn't count killing the alleged leader of a group when that group has acheived its goals. So the killing of Osama does nothing but satisfy some primal need for revenge. How strange, coming from a country that proclaims itself to be "Christian." So Americans will enjoy this moment. And they should today, because tomorrow they will be in same shit they were in when Osama bin Laden was alive.


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