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The Third Time is the Charm

Jóhanna wants to have a new agreement with the the British and the Dutch before the national referendum on the current agreement. This will be the third try at a settlement.  But Jóhanna must realize that the next agreement has to be significantly better that the previous two, since it has been made clear that Iceland has no obligation to repay anything. This will prove difficult to achieve given Jóhanna's disposition to bend over backwards to satisfy the British and the Dutch in her quest for the holy grail of EU membership.

Any agreement that is simply a reworking of the previous two agreements will be met with stiff opposition from the public who will feel they have been robbed of the opportunity to have their say in the matter.  Another petition to the President will most likely follow and there should be little doubt that with enough pressure, Ólafur will use his power and not sign a law for the third time in his career.


GTB Jóhanna: Skynsamlegra ađ leysa án ţjóđaratkvćđagreiđslu
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Best Point So Far

It ( the UK government) also argues that as much as 90 per cent of the repayment it seeks could come from liquidation of Landsbanki’s assets.

Yet the obvious answer to the latter point is this: if the assets of the bank are that valuable, why not write off the debt, in return for the claims on these assets? (Wolf)

 If the current government actually believes that the assets of Landsbanki will cover 90% of the Icesave debt as they have been claiming throughout negotiations, than Wolf's suggestion should be the focus and goal of any renegotiation.  No one will be disappointed over the loss of Landsbanki's assets to avoid a debt Iceland does not owe in the first place. 

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Matthew 15:11

"Not that which goes into the mouth defiles a man, but that which comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man." -Jesus
I'm sure Jesus had assholes just like Pat Robertson in mind when he said those words.

GTB „Haíti-búar sömdu viđ djöfulinn"
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PR Opportunity

The President 's decision not to sign the current Icesave legislation was necessary and will prove to be historic for one simple reason.  His action has done what  ALL the current Icelandic politicians have failed miserable to do- thrust the Icesave debacle to the forefront of foreign new services and foreign governments, bringing wanted attention to strengthen Icelands position and weaken the British and Dutch position. The President's actions, even if accidental or unintentional, are helping Iceland's reputation and might help avoid a blunder that will burden the Icelanders with massive debt for decades. This is truly a positive PR opportunity.


GTB Lipietz: Veikur málstađur
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Kann hann ekki ađ lesa?

 Stjórnarskrá lýđveldisins Íslands

26. gr. Ef Alţingi hefur samţykkt lagafrumvarp, skal ţađ lagt fyrir forseta lýđveldisins til stađfestingar eigi síđar en tveim vikum eftir ađ ţađ var samţykkt, og veitir stađfestingin ţví lagagildi. Nú synjar forseti lagafrumvarpi stađfestingar, og fćr ţađ ţó engu ađ síđur lagagildi, en leggja skal ţađ ţá svo fljótt sem kostur er undir atkvćđi allra kosningarbćrra manna í landinu til samţykktar eđa synjunar međ leynilegri atkvćđagreiđslu. Lögin falla úr gildi, ef samţykkis er synjađ, en ella halda ţau gildi sínu. Jađrar viđ stjórnarskrárbrot
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